As you know, how we work as individuals and organizations is rapidly evolving, whether you’re seeing it on the ground or not. Today’s workers, leaders, and investors need to both create real value and live great lives.

Simultaneously, organizations are aligning themselves into ecosystems to help innovate and stay nimble in an increasingly networked and volatile world.

As the old models break down, there are many of us doing incredible things to build the foundations for what will become the new models of working.

The overarching goal of this summit is to jumpstart a community that will help us navigate the future of working.

By continuing to grow this ecosystem of amazing innovators we can amplify and accelerate the great things we are all doing to make our work (and our world) a better place.

At the summit we will:

- Roll up our sleeves.

- Build new relationships with aligned peers.

- Look for co-creative opportunities.

- Prototype tools and guidance to evolve leading practices.

This summit will realize the best components of a great conference -- and extend them forward so that the participants and other interested parties can continue to converse and build prototypes at different layers that will move the ball down the field. The long term goal is for this ongoing conversation and future events to lead us toward a better future.

Please ask to join the conversation already in progress in our Facebook group. 


Read more information about the sessions here.